We are STUCK in Kansas

Well... winds yesterday lifted my grandpuppy's 6x6x10 shaded structure over his fence & out of his yard and deposited about 150 feet away, in a neighbor's yard!! We've had steady 20-25 MPH winds out of the SSE now for a coupla days. Another wind advisory is predicted for all of today before the rains hit on Friday. Our free night last night was spent tying the shaded structure down with stakes & aircraft cable this time as skinny rope was just not strong enough for sustained speed winds. SIGH. I looked at Spirit & said "Dorothy, you & Toto are still in Kansas."
all of us laughed... it made perfect sense...even the dog seemed to be grinning! The link (click on title above) is why I was up most of the night. :-( That was the image I got everytime the gusts (32-38 MPH, according to the weather people) hit (which was OFTEN, let me tell you).

Not concerned for our house...that is solid. Concern is for puppy pen/structure & the tiny little olive trees I planted a coupla weeks back & for the palm trees that are already being stressed by the cracks in the ground (drought time already) & the baby rosemary & sage plants.

I swear I see my topsoil landing 2-3 yards away. Not to mention I cant seem to grow any grass because the damn wind scatters the seeds before they get a chance to dig in. How do I know that? Neighbors have some really nice grass that looks A LOT like what I planted... hmmm.... LOL
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