Toad & Frog

Saw this Green Frog (click on link above) in the water bucket by our back spigot.... looking for water... so gave him a flat metal pan (for automotive use, kinda large) and set it in the ground a bit, full of water. Also, at the back door, we've had a toad hanging out, knocking on the door looking for - you guessed it- water! Uhland is in a drought right now & scheduled watering cycle. Sigh. So, that one got a small pool under the back steps. Lo & behold, 10:30pm one night, as I am watering, I have (in the front yard) yet ANOTHER toad ... hopping up to ring the front doorbell. "Water?" I ask. Yup... so another flat inground pool went in under the front spigot. And, for good measure, I have a dishpan out back mixed in with the mint plants with some goodly sized rocks in it ... another pool, with basking spots (or emergency exits, depending on what might fall in).

Still watering our 13 new treelings every morning & evening. Only get to sprinkler the yard on Wednesdays & Saturday now, so do that before leaving for work & after sunset those 2 days. However, refilling the bird bath/feeder is a daily deal. It used to be full of sunflower seeds so the birds would stop eating my grass seed.Now, it is so hot, I thought they needed water more... the compromise was to put a ceramic crock full of food in the center of the birdbath, then top off the bath part with water. Seems to be working...the birds perch on the bowl to eat, then perch on the rim of the bath part for water & splashing.

Rethinking the patio configuration a bit... it is so nice to sit out in the shade, enjoying the steady southern breeze. I'm thinking the birds would like the shade, may move the feeder/bath over to the patio area along with the windchimes. .. right now they are in the center of the front yard, full sun. NO FUN!

Speaking of fun, need to get one of the pics of my grandpuppy in his pool out of camera and into blog...he is so adorable!
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