running running running

well... as Friday was the 13th, I refuse to work... such sacred hallowed days are meant to be CELEBRATED! So, took the entire day off!! Started off by watering for an hour... then feeding all the creatures... then getting dressed and heading off on the list of errands. 1st stop...fuel! 2nd Stop, Hobby Lobby for ritual & art supplies. 3rd stop was Tractor Supply for paint & a puppy-proof pool (ie: horse trough!) 4th stop was Scotland's so we could go (belated) birthday shopping ... oh the fun we had... purchased a radical tie-dye t-shirt, a sarong (comes with video on how/where to tie-GOOD THING!), then dinner and home to check on everyone and then take a nap. Can you imagine it... a nap on a Friday afternoon! Wheeee :-0

Then, spent 2 hours or so on sorting one of my way overloaded art had amassed a bunch of "stuff" that 1) did not belong and 2) could not be easily located even if it WAS in the right drawer.... sigh...

Saturday was Art Day but I spent that time sorting a different drawer... then Sunday I did 2 more drawers. Gearing up for FOG... but it is hard to be creative when you can't find the items you need.... so I must work before I can play, apparently. Left cookies out for the elves but I'll be damn if they have been doing ANY sorting!
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