well... feeling a bit better, at least better than I was on Wednesday... this sick shit sux...say THAT six times fast! Sigh... lots of things to do.... art wise I still owe out 3 ATC swaps (2 Pagan, 1 Nness) and a few cards here and there...a deco or 2 still floating around... some artwork needed to be desinged as yet for covers to our RCG packets... argh!! That one is really getting me... I don't draw or any of that... I do P A P E R.... so, thinking maybe a collage style piece & then color copying it several times. Or maybe some handmade paper with an image in pen & ink? Who knows...

Monday was funeral, Tues was catching up day at work, feeling ill, and Weds was knocked flat on my back with respiratory issues... Thursday was a bit dishes done, at least... and tonight my plans are... drum roll please... NOTHING! We are hosting the new moon ritual tomorrow but that will be fairly straightforward. Sunday is still open.... yard? free? art? Hmmmm
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