Opening up in sweet surrender...

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Opening Up in Sweet Surrender

We are opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love-light of the One (2x)
We are opening, we are opening (2x)

Updated by Father on Sunday when he got back from SA Methodist...Mom is now being obnoxious - an attempt to force them them to KICK her out? Saturday afternoon a nurse came in to tell her she was getting an MRI @ 4 PM; she says "I'm NOT having an MRI w/o Xanax, so they bring her one @ 3:55pm (!?!) & then wait until 8pm to take her down for it.......THAT didn't work, of course... Mother is not patient and sitting there WAITING 4 hours just made it worse.
One of the doc's associates appeared Sunday morning and proceeded to chastise her about the MRI; she explains what went on, he says "OK, then we'll do a CT Scan instead"Finally, she just flat out asks "Why do I NEED an MRI or a CT Scan?" He says "Of your head, because you passed out." Ummm...let's go back to the beginning y'all... She did NOT "pass out".... she stood up and couldn't breathe... so she got dizzy & fell.

So they back up... order another chest x-ray, except THIS ONE is downstairs! She says "What happened to your portable x-ray machines?" no idea...until- as they're trundling her down the hall in a wheelchair- the doc passes them in the hall and wants to know where they are taking his patient...the little candystriper informs him that my Mom is going downstairs to X-ray. Doc says "Take her back to her bed & get the portable x-ray, you twit!" So yeah, Mom is getting a tad bit impatient and is READY to come home... at leat mentally. Physically she has been disconnected from everything but the little nasal oxygen hose. For her sake (and sake of nurses) am hoping she gets to come home Tuesday... then I will go visit and see how I can be of assistance to them both... Father is concerned I may be a tad too ebullient (ebullient adj. Zestfully enthusiastic. Bubbling.) for mom.. LOL So she is weak, but feisty...stay tuned.
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