One Last Breath

Well, yesterday was positively WONDERFUL!!! Took the entire day off.... got Spirit off to work, got the dog fed & walked, all 3 kitties taken care off (food water litter treats), all 8 reptiles dealt with, the cavie catered to and hamsters looked in on... then it was time to start my altered book project! Worked on it from 9am until 1pm... then took Indra & Hecate to see Dave (pedicure day) and then home again ... chatted with the neighbor for a bit (quit the job that was not worth the drive and meant always gone... RAH!! CONGRATS!!!!) and then worked on the book for another hour or so... got some other artistic endeavors completed as well... almost cleared the decks/desk! Only 1 more swap to complete and 1 challenge to rise to, and of course finish the altered book...all by Thursday the 18th. THAT is entirely possible.

Peace is recovering as well as can be expected from the latest heart attack...was worried as no contact lately so I called.... is okay but medications are tiring to system...sigh. We'll meet for dinner the 15th. Just one more thing to April.LOL

Let's see... April... and today is the 10th and that means 2nd Thursday. It is my month so I requested Jules present "From Farm to Fork"... how we get what we eat...scary stuff. April 11-12-13 is the 2nd quarter of Wheel of the Year, April 14th Spirit starts her new position, dinner on the 15th, planning the esbat the 16th, WTI training weekend the 18-19-20, Esbat Ritual the 21st, planning meeting for Beltane the 23rd, and then Beltane the following week... wheeeeewwwww
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