It's not my time

Well, actually woke up with 2 songs... the link above (title) and Melissa's "Message to Myself". It is Friday so I have set Pandora to "Workin' for the weekend" channel. It is also payday, but since we don't get checks until the end of the day on a Friday, can't really do anything except deposit the money & wait for bank to post it on Monday.... not that I had any expensive plans anyways. Saturday is art day at SSS, Sunday is a workdate in N Austin for RCG-A. Got one of the walkways down... decomposed granite from back door (Rebel's) to dog yard (grandpuppy). Got my MySpace page updated and met a new pagan buddy from up north that has come to Texas.... all in all, can't really complain about the week... lots of good stuff going on...
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