low day... ugh

well, went home dizzy & wobbly feeling... took my blood pressure and it was 79 over 59, pulse 62. It is a bit better today, a whopping 96 over 58 and a pulse of 60...and I have a Zumba class at Curves today. Hmmmm. So, we'll see how that goes... drinking lots of water (one of the causes of hypotension). Spirit ran into my Celica this morning.... good news is, Pete helped me locate a taillight first thing so it will be headed this way from New York soon.. found it here! And, while I am updating things, we are still numbering four @ work, and coming along nicely with the training. I will be taking Friday the 13th off as a personal day, get caught up on some art items I am a wee bit lagging on. The last half of April will be insane with all our activities, so now or never! I work the 14th, then we are trying for Bandera the 15th...that may wait a couple of weeks, not sure? And
Rebel celebrated 14 months w/SO @ a dinner last night... such a sweet soul! And tonight is personal ritual for Wheel of the Year... "Relationship with Mother". hmmmm
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