lo & behold

Well, another weekend gone...why do they go so fast yet the week drags on getting to it???
Attended the full moon circle Sat night, after the eclipse...spectacular... Dragon did a terrific job as Priestess and it was quite enjoyable, both during (in spite of cold) and after (food I was NOT allergic too!). Sunday was spent at home, recovering from being too busy to get things done. Got 2 more necklace racks painted & Spirit hung them. Also swept, ran the vacuum, emptied the litter boxes & refilled w/clumping kitty litter, dishes done, all but 1 art swap caught up on, a run to HEB for milk & can flats for the renovation on the hamster condo and finally the pictures rehung from our last living room rearrangement. A VERY productive day!! Oh, and weighed all six lizards! :-)
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