in like a Lion...

Well!! March blew in like a lion, 5:47am !! Had all the windows open in the common areas... so it blew off the kitchen tablecloth, blew a kitchen chair over... oh, and did I mention the rain-slick kitchen floor I went skating across in the dark? Did not want to literally "bust my ass" to get the windows closed..was merely a figure of speech!! Thank the goddess that I did not leave the windows open the the python parlour OR the dragon den last night. Temps are still getting a little too low for their comfort level, but at least we have been able to leave the heat off at night.

So, completed a spread & sign-in page for my 'Dark Themed' altered book (round robin) and am now ready to mail on Zeborah (yahoo Express Yourself art group). Then I started on the "Dancing in the Dark w/Nature" swap but am not yet ready to let them go. That leaves starting on the Monochromatic swap and a few random round robin items still floating around... think I am about as caught up as I can be for now.

Came across this the earth is coming to life & I am looking forward to going back out into nature,and March is the time for purification, I thought it fitting. The Egyptian goddess Isis can be called upon in the early spring to enhance physical and emotional well–being. So I spread some white fabric over a sacred space, add some white flowers (fresh if I can find some) a white candle and a white feather. I add gardenia oil then sprinkle little silver stars around it all. after a silent moment, I light some frankincense and the candle then use a feather to fan the incense across me. Now speak these words: Isis, Great Mother, hear my words of power. Let the season of light bring me wellness and protection. End the ritual by brushing your body lightly from head to toe with the feather. If you have a specific problem, mention it as you say your words of power. (courtesy of James Kambos)

So.. Purification...
The definition of impurity is, “mixed with foreign matter.” The foreign matter may be old beliefs and voices that are not our own, toxins from pollution, chemical additives, or patriarchy—in all its many forms. I do purifications not because I am ‘unclean,’ but because I want to get to the essence of who I am—on all levels—separating out the foreign matter. Sweats, fasting, bathing, release work, cleaning out closets, simplifying our lives, giving up unhealthy/harmful habits or thoughts/beliefs that no longer help or support us are all ways of purifying. Here are some things I decided to consider and list (writing is a wonderful way to process) :: 3 things that are no longer useful to me, 3 things are harmful to me, 3 things cause me pain, 3 things that are holding me back or constricting my growth, 3 things that are crushing my spirit. Also, ruminate a bit on other things that are not an expression of who or what you are or choose to be right may enlighten yourself!

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