Mom has me playing games

Well, my mom sent me this link ^^^ . Her score was less than great...see what you can do. Mine was 83 seconds...will go back later and try again, took me a second to figure out what I was after. LOL. First I have to finish sorting the files here & then get them into one of the twenty-five drawers awaiting me in the cold, dark, lonely file room. Ugh. I file because I can't stand anyone else getting in there & messing up my "system"... be caredul what you ask for, I guess.

I am off early tomorrow for my annual nuerology appointment, then off all day Friday to recover from observing the Winter Solstice. Still need to work on the sunrise ritual.... arghhhh. Hope weather is nice, would suck being trapped in house all night and then have to do sunrise ritual in the rain or some such. Now, a thick fog might be interesting....

Then sleeeeeeeeeeep in on Friday (will have been a long 26-27 hours!) and get up in time for some leisurely chores (rat run for snakes, etc). Get some scrapbooking done, I hope...last weekend was just too busy to do ANYthing of the sort. And I have some new techniques I have been playing around with but kinda hit & miss when you only have 15-30 mins or so every evening to try them out. Bummer. Want a week off to catch up on ALL my art... baby SB, football SB, Spirit SB, dragonfly swap on Pagan board, a vouple of Nervousness swaps still pending, I KNOW there are several coming due Jan 15th on FunWithATCs AND on Express Yourself AND on Altered Art. Don't get me wrong, it is not stressful, altho I sometimes get a wee bit confused what is due for what group and when . Art is something that I WANT to do, and I just don't have time for EVERYTHING I have on my "I wish I had time for ...." list.
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