TGIF 4:25pm!!

Woohoo.... FRIDAY!! Me and Elizabeth in the office, Kid Rock's 'American Badass' playing on the CPU. ..and about half an hour to go until the WEEKEND!!! No call back from doc yet about doing some blood tests... am kinda of the mind (even being uninsured) of finding out what is going on.

Spirit is headed home, had to hit HEB for the fixin's for tomorrow's annual company fishfry @ Camp Ben. I volunteered to bring lemons and iced know I can't cook!! I also volunteered Spirit for the tartar sauce and famous triple chocolate brownies. Texas Reptile Show starts 9am in San Antonio not TOO far from home, so we are going to try to squeeze that in before Camp Ben.

Oh, and I just tallied my art... just on Nness alone I have 8 (of 12) swaps still open (meaning I owe something to somoene). On the Yahoo groups, I think I have another 6-8 still open. EEEEEKKKKK Do not know how that got so carried away so fast, other than I really enjoy sitting at my table and creating some mixed media piece of art for someone. Mailed off Whisper's RAK (Random Act of Kindness) today for her & her 9 yr old... 2 boxes. What fun that was, shopping for ppl we don't even know except thru art.

Sunday is the Book Goddess (Barbara Walker's 'The Crone', wow, what a book!) and that is all... rest, art, maybe watch the netflix movie we STILL have not opened from last week. Good thing they do not have late fees!
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