Almost there....

It is ALMOST Friday... 4 more hours here, 9 hours tomorrow, then FREE!! Still concerned about the weight gain. Spoke w/asst at doc's office, gave her a bit more information... like always being cold, having dry skin, brittle nails, tired all the damn time (dozed off twice coming to is getting scary!) and then of course the damn weight gain..She asked if I drank a lot of sodas as they can cause a sneaky weight gain. Nope... I drink unsweet iced tea or coffee w/soymilk & Splenda sugar free syrups. Or the old standby, water. I did mention the fact that I had gestational diabetes when pregnant w/Rebel...but that was 20 years ago. So maybe a thyroid issue? maybe an insulin resistance issue? Who knows... all I know is that I am uninsured (yes, a lot of us are in today's climate) and that cost may well become an issue as well. Bad enough right now that my pain meds are at the pharmacy and I can't bail them out of just yet... little suckers are $275!! Will definately be looking for THOSE puppies in Mexico come 2007, I tell ya. I am just bummed right not have the energy to be ill again... my tailbone is not getting any better and it is getting harder & harder to sit for long periods of time... and don't tell me "Stay off of it"...can't do that AND go to work, live, etc. Sigh.
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