Well, we got to weigh/measure the bearded dragons before lights out & tucking them in...
Indra, the rescued male, is 497 grams (17.46 oz or 1.1 lb) & 17 inches long (should I rename "Tubbo?") and Hecate, the young female, is 77 grams (2.7oz) & 12 inches long..those lengths are measured from nose to tailtip. Indra has cetrainly beefed up after getting on a decent diet. The person we rescued him from was feeding him grasshoppers outta the yard & iceberg lettuce. ARGH!! As an aduly, he needs 80% greens, 20% protein...and we ALL know that iceberg lettuce has NO nutritional value!! As a juvenile, Hecate's diet is the opposite.. 20% greens, 80% protein. So he gets about 21 crickets a week, she gets about 100-150 a week. Not sure which will end up costing more, crix or miceicles? :-) She is now under 8% UVB/33% UVA. His comes tomorrow.
Stay tuned for pythons growth...we feed on Tuesdays so I don't weigh them until the weekend, let the food digest... need an accurate weight to go with the length. Agathos has not really gotten longer, but he is certainly getting thicker...both of them just came thru another shed, even!!
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