Morning tally...

Okay, I admit it... I DID go back to bed this morning after getting Spirit off to work. BUT I also got back up in time to check on all eight critters. Daimon ate his mouse, Agathos had not. Into the zippie and into the trash it went...nasty! Darn it! Still tweaking Indra's heating & basking a wee bit. Dragons are out of crickets until DHL gets here today... they kept looking at me like "Greens, that's it...greens???" Got a thousand on order for two cents apiece. Now if I could only get their greens as easily. Still have not found dandelion greens... can you imagine? AND I managed to squeeze in a ten minute walk on the Gazelle and a shower afterwards... now that we figured out how to set the resistance it is a bit of work!

Latest word on the mower mess…Tracy asked for the mower back again last night in an email… apparently theirs is no longer functional and they can’t afford to get a new one because we are making them tile the kitchen & master bath (which were SUPPOSED to have been done by the end of August)?

Well, I have this friend in Marathon, Canada... we've been chatting online on ICQ for at least five years now. So he adds me to his MSN messenger this week, catches me online, and I pick up where we last left off from ICQ. He asks if he can call me (we've talked on the phone several times) and I say sure and give him my toll-free # here at work. Then he mentioned his wife was about to get up for the morning so he'd have to call me later. I said sure, and then added that mine was already at work... goes in 2 hours before me. Then the conversation gets REALLY weird. Kobota wonders why on earth I would give a phone # to a married man if I am in a relationship... I was like, um, well, you and I are friends. I reminded that we’ve been chatting on ICQ since my mom introduced us in 2000 and that we've spoken on the phone several times. I reminded him I even called him at home when I last visited Vancouver in February 2001. So I turned it around on him and asked “Why would you-a married man- give your phone # to me?” I have to wonder if he suddenly thought our online chatting would lead to something else? He has never hinted that his intention was less than friendship w/me. And, to boot, our families exchange greeting cards every holiday season!! WTF?!? So he responds "Well, look, I gotta go." and hops off MSN. Men...go figure!

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