and so it begins

Well, we had that little "chat" w/the landppl last week... and now the fun begins. When we moved in, landlord still had a poor wornout lawnmower on the premises... told us we could have it. So, we have taken it to lawnmower shop for a tuneup, new filters, spark plug, blade sharpening and a pull cord (because this one is frayed to the point of beyond thin). We told them that we were going to take it to the shop for all of this and that we would be footing the bill. After all, since we were given the mower, we are now responsible for its upkeep, not them. Unlike the floor vents, celing fan, phone jacks, etc that WE ended up replacing out of OUR pocket because he was never going to "get around to" fixing any of it. Ceiling fan was just plain dangerous, loose in ceiling over our bed..EEEK. And Callie wanted to take off into the ducting since there was no floor vent to stop her. HIS comment was "Well, she'll just come out the other end." WTF?!? Yeah, AFTER tearing out the ducting all underneath!

So, anyway, we get a call Sat afternoon from HER letting us know that HE would be out Sun to fix back porch, finish front porch, and again on Mon to start replacing kitchen floor, so please put cats away Monday. Well, HE did come over, but we only know that because the old tires were gone as was the black underground pond dealie. But NEITHER porch had anything done to it. Then, this morning I get this email from last night @ 10:15pm from HER saying "I know its late and you probably wont see this email until tomorrow sometime but just a reminder to please have things off kitchen floor and the cats away so **** doesnt have to worry if they get out. He will also get the dog house, the pool, basketball hoop, and the lawn mower tomorrow, so if you can get that out of the shed that'll be great. Thanks Tracy"

Well well well... why does HE come out if he does not do the things he is coming out for? And, they already know the mower is in shop and that it is ours now... and that it is not in shed.
They are just peeved because we called them on their BS and their not having fixed the stuff they said would be done BEFORE September. When they came out to discuss the storage facility, we busted them on fact that they'd not followed through on patching holes in walls, redoing kitchen & master bath floors, and that we'd been forced to do some of the repairs out of our own pocket because they were safety issues. So, if they want to play those little games and take the mower back now, they can go pay for it at the lawnmower shop. I mean really. Grow up. I wonder just how much "work" on the kitchen floor he will actually DO today... I wont be holding my breath...
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