today is a ranting day... My son is such a pain lately... I am QUITE ready for him to get his life together & move back to college. ARGH!! Wednesday Spirit made a double batch of homemade pudding, w/o knowing he does not like tapioca. He takes one look at it, says "guess you did not make any for me" and goes back into his cave. So last night Spirit makes homemade chocolate chip cookies for him instead, not knowing I had used the last 2 eggs. Asks him to go get eggs at the store around corner and he refuses.
I'd ask if it could get any worse, but I been asking him to reattach rearview mirror on our Oldsmobile since mid-July so I could get it inspected before it expired. Now, here it is August, sticker has expired, and he is still "working on it, don't worry." Oh, and lest I forget to mention it, the Olds is crammed full w/his stuff from 3 weeks ago because he sees no reason to bring it in the stuff he put in it when we moved. So there is all sits in 100'F+ heat and rendering the car USELESS to anyone else in the household. Sigh.
He has been around very little this summer, which is understandable. But he seems to think that- now that he's a poor working stiff- his days off are best spent in the cave on the laptop or his cell phone (which I pay for , along w/his auto insurance). He seems to forget that I work SIX days a week (rather than his 2 or 3) so I CAN pay for house, cars, phone, the window AC unit and the electricity to run it so he does not sweat... etc. Are all teenage boys like this? Will he suddenly become thoughtful after he turns 20? I can only hope....
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