feeding day... the new one

Well, today is feeding day for the snakes. Used to feed them Mondays, but getting that and everything else done was running way too late ... don't get home from Austin until 8pm. So we let them fast a day so we could move it to Tuesday.
Daimon has settled in quite well, gone thru 1st shed with us successfully... and having a great time in his own roomy habitat. When we saw him, he was in a 2.5 foot cube tank with 3 other pythons his size...eek! Weigh-in last night--he tipped scales @ 3 pounds, about 4 feet long now.
Agathos had not yet shed his eyecaps so we peeled one off last night, will try for other one tonight before we feed them miceicles. Not sure who was more traumitized by the event. Took a warm wet songe and coated him in some "easy shed" spray, then a warm wet washcloth over and over his head (only part that has not completed the shed process) until one eyecap ame loose. Spirit plucked it off...ouch!! He weighed in at a hefy 2.5 ounces... not quite 2 feet long yet, but getting plumper :-) What a cutie!
Speaking of cuties... Indra has a weakness for fresh mangos, but they are hard for his tongue to pick up...they don't "stick" very well to his tongue. I am still hand feeding him treats... want him to acclimate to people. Previous owner (that we rescued him from) did not handle him well/often/correctly as he gets really freaked out when you try to pick him up... panics. So I am lifting him out gently, both hands, securely, then hand feeding him treats on my lap or shirt. Occassionaly he gets my finger but his teeth are so tiny it does not hurt. He is getting SO much better about being handled, lifted out of habitat, etc. Have even walked around with him and he was fairly calm about the ordeal.
Hecate has always been handled, so it is old hat for her, and she is so cute. When you talk to her she tilts her head and stares up at your, head cocked toone side, like she is giving you rapt attention.
Both pythons have had outings, one to dinner, one to book club. Dragons have not gone out on the town yet... altho they do have a carrier. Letting her settle in, getting him used to being handled more before we take him out.
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