Agathos can SEE!!

Well, got other eyecap off last night... Agathos was so happy to see again thathe did not even want to eat his mouse. Will try feeding again tonight. Daimon, on the other hand, was so hungry he struck at bowl before Spirit could get miceicle out of it... so he missed. 2nd try equally futile... he got towel underneath mouse as it tumbled onto floor. 3rd try he also got towel because he would not wait for us to pick it up w/tongs and elevate it...he was HUNGRY!! Solution finally was to put mouse on cardboard piece so Daimon could make a clean, unencujmbered strike..SUCCESS!!
Took Indra & Hecate out of habits as well... Indra has improved by leaps and bounds ... I am so happy. He got fresh mangoes for a treat while he watched Spirit cook dinner. Hecate did not stay out as long, she was so excited (and so small, so fast) I was afraid she'd get away & then Callie (who was watching us SO intently) would have a new game... "help chase the dragon!"
Got to watch a movie last night... twin (sorta) loaned me 21 DVDs when we were last there...
I say sorta because was not home, we just left a list of them (all old) and said we'd return them ASAP. :-)
Tomorrow is new moon ritual @ Pat's place... she is so interesting! Saturday Rick is coming over w/his 1st (and only, altho 2 more on way) grandbaby, Jayden. I will babysit whilst he and Spririt cook.. I am not stupid! Rick concerned pythons will eat Jayden..LMAO... he is a bit too large for that!
Good news is we got a lot done last night, including trash to dump, dresser loaded for J, etc. Really nice trip to dump, actually... saw an AWESOME cloud formation on way out, then a rainbow on way home. Even called Enigma to have her step out door to see cloud, was that cool. Bad news is I still need to do purple postcard swap, housewarming invitations, and finish reading 'The Burning Time' so I can do a group discussion outline on it... argh!! I guess, on plus side, keeping busy keeps me young? Let's hope.....
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