weekend tally

"headache two, family one" Well, sinus headache appeared early Sunday and a migraine snuck in underneath it, but we still mamanged to do things we had planned, so I count the weekend as a success. The evening got a bit dicey near the end, actually really ugly, but oh well. Poor Spirit, not sure she got ANY sleep, really, looking after me. Sigh. Migraine finally broke around 1am, but when your alarm goes off at 4:30am... UGH! We did get to the book group and MY! what a discussion that was... about a dozen goddess came to share their insights on the 2nd installment of "The Great Cosmic Mother." From there we went to drop off some work I was doing for the publisher (this one is a book titled "America Jane") up in N Austin. And, since we were so far north already, we went ahead and stopped in at ZooKeeper (Research & Burnet) to take a look at the latest arrivals... ball pythons, of course. Drooled on a few, then had to head home so we could hit Spirit's pharmacy before they closed. We had a Netflix waiting for us, so the evening quietly drew to a close, in spite of the dueling sinus pressure/migraine.
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