We found a HOUSE!

Well, we found a new place... a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1200+ square foot trailer sitting on just over 6 acres out in the country. Sits between Uhland & Maxwell, altho the ZIP is still Kyle. Nice little driveway as the home is set a ways off the road, and driveway is lined with white picket fence & lights. The front deck has room for plants, chairs, etc and will catch the rising sun. Sits almost oriented East/West. Morning sun comes up on what will be the art space/study and the sun will set over the master bedroom. The master bedroom/bathroom is at one end, complete with spa tub & seperate shower enclosure. The kitchen/dining nook and the living room seperate the other 2 bedrooms from the master bedroom. The center room will be the guest room, when we HAVE a guest. Spirit has a nice antique bedroom set in storage, so we'll set that up. And, since we do not have guests all THAT often, it will serve mainly as a room for Lizzie, Agathos, and the Bearded Dragon that will be arriving soon. The cats, of course, are free ranging. Also since it is recommended that the ratio of cats to bedrooms be 1:1, we will finally be on target! Son will moving his GF from Humble back to Tx State 8/19, and then himself back into dorm 8/20, so looks like it will be movemovemove all the next few weeks...sigh. Enigma has volunteered to help, as has Peace. Energy does not know yet. Nor does Centex. Come on people... WAKE UP... I've news to share... READ!!!!
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