ready for the weekend?

Well, Agathos was a hungry python Friday... ate that little mouse rather quickly Friday morning, then cozied right up behind his little tree & has been snoozing ever since...lot of work, digesting a mouse, I guess. We took a nap after work Friday until about 7:30pm then packed like fools until 11pm, showered, then headed to see Enigma for dinner around midnight. Back at it today ... the laundry room after the laundry is caught up. Gentleman from Devine will be picking up dryer as new home is all electric. Enigma's son is getting the washer (house comes with W/D). Saves us from moving those puppies down the stairs, thank the goddess! All of living room is packed except for TV stuff on entertainment center, Lizzie & Agathos. Can't box them up!! Kitchen gets packed today except for basics, like coffeepot, cereal bowls, etc. Son's bathroom already done... now if I could just get him to clean it. Sigh. Our closet is next, except for a few outfits for work next week. I have a meeting after work next week, but Tues will be a big push, and Enigma will be helping Spirit & I Weds. Son is going to SA w/his GF since she will be in town... bailing like the rat that he is. Can't say that I blame him tho. Couple of days w/her in the Alamo City or move? Not even a close decision... LMAO. Young love...
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