newest member comes home!

Well, Agathos has arrived home!! Spirit picked him up yesterday whilst I was home ill. We named him after the Egyptian protector God of Alexandria, whose sanctuary was apparently founded by Alexander himself. The oldest evidence for his cult is a passage from the Potters' Oracle (130 BC) where Agathos Daimon is identified with the primeval snake Kneph. For the rest, the cult was confined to Alexandria and is only known from the Roman Period. The worship of the Agathos Daimon as a protective house snake appears to have a Greek origin. Further, he mainly appears in Greek literature, known as Agathodemon. Agathos in Greek meant "Good" and Daimon meant "Divinity", and this creature was much like a guardian angel. Regarded as the "Good Divinity", Agathos Daimon was the guardian of the household or personal home, and in other accounts this creature guarded a person, hovering around them invisibly.
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