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Agathos has eaten! Got him to eat his first mouse yesterday!! Not first ever, but first from me... his handler had fed him before when you only eat once a week.... sheesh! Anyway, 1st attempt on Saturday was not successful, but Sunday was. Still not quite into the proper technique as he did not constrict around it as quickly as he might should have had it been live prey... but oh well, it is a learning experience for us both. I thought he did rather well for such a young tyke! I took pictures of him wandering across the patio as well as tacking his meal "at home" :-) Speaking of "home"...we sign the lease on the new place today, move in on the 29th of this month!! We can actually start moving little stuff in as soon as this week. They are finishing kitchen floor (new tile) and middle bedroom (pulling up carpet, putting down Pergo) and end bedroom (repainting) so we can start moving into master bed/bathroom and start storing stuff in that end of home. They will have it completed by 28th so wed can move in completely on the 29th. Got water and electric set up for 29th. Spirit gets to handle the TV/telephone/ISP thing. Got utilities for apartment all set to disconnect on the 31st and final bills set to forward to post office box (which I got today). Whew!
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