Agathos update, Jayce w/SMPD

Well, Agathos has had his mouse July 10th before arriving home, and weighed in at 1.8 ounces and 18 inches long. His next meal will be Saturday, after which we will weigh and measure again. :-)
Tonight is the Central Texas Pagan Meetup dinner @ Cedars Cafe in San Marcos... Agathos will be our guest at dinner, altho don't expect much in the way of conversation. He must have been tired still this morning as he yawned a couple of times while I was journalling (he was wrapped around my non-writing wrist).
Son went w/his cousin Jason on a "ride along" with San Marcos PD last night. He was not yet home when Spirit and I turned in @ 11pm, and still fast asleep when we awoke @ 4:30am (well, d'oh!) so I have no idea how it went. More on that later....
Still waiting to get w/son to see if he is off this weekend to see if we can go visit with Granny & Granddad this weekend sometime. They are finally well enough for company & we have LOTS of catching up to do. Granddad, however, shoots snakes, so Agathos WONT be making that trip!
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