full moon, full week

Well, sixth full moon according to Native Americans.Yesterday was the 1st portion of the Great Cosmic Mother (in the Goddess Book club I am part of). We are taking it in 3 parts...awesome book! Some awesome women make up that group, I tell ya!. Pat & Renee are co-sponsoring it, and both are also priestesses in RCG. Pat is so knowledgable about women's history that it is just a treat to hear her speak. And Renee's personality lights up the room. She will be performing our handfasting at Lughnasa. We have a planning meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday to go over some things with her. Tonight is my weekly meeting with my gal pals for coffee, Tues is dinner w/Jayce and his SO whilst she is in town, Weds is the SanMarcos Pagan dinner, Thursday is free (so far!), Friday is the Austin Pagan Dinner, Saturday is Renee, and Sunday is Father's Day...whew!! What a week!! With the full moon comes a full calendar! Life with SpiritWalker has been so full...and wonderful!! It is so nice to have someone to share life with, someone that enjoys the same things, that puts the same zest and joy and purpose into living and loving and into BEING. Been kinda wanting to do some full moon magick for Enigma as well, but that will have to wait another 28 day cycle because until I am clear on the INTENT, and I get some more FEELING about it, it will need to wait. There has been an emotional event or two and some physical tiredness that have demanded to be addressed so first things first. Anyway, been behind on blogging after returning from the vacation to Padre & Mexico,,, my Bday gift from Spirit. :-)
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