Energies, Chapters

Enigma is having kind of a crappy week. Took the 3rd candle to finish the set... brown for compassion. 1st one was blue for serenity, 2nd was red for passion. Well, appropriately enough, the color for today is white... protection...so I spent some of my energy surrounding Enigma in white light. Because that is how I handle energy...as color, as light. SpiritWalker handles it as raw energy, which amazes me. I cannot feel it, I have to see it. And it has to be right here, right now... she can see it even after it has left, which REALLY astounds me. Any way, I do not know if it helped much, but I'd like to think it helps the day go by a bit brighter & easier. Left a small memento as a reminder that someone is thinking nice thoughts... :-) Speaking of thinking... am thinking I'd like to cast a circle in Enigma's bedroom for some of the sleepless nights worrying about job issues... too much work goes home. Guess that sort of job is hard to leave at the office. I would not be able to seperate the 2, hence I do not work in that field. I just cannot. The time spent Tues evening talking about some of the stuff relating to it made me want to cry as I drove home... icky... there's that "taking on other's people's energy" issue that I have.
As for the rest of life...gearing up for the beach/Mexico trip. We've decided to slip into Mexico down around Refugio/McAllen way. I have 4 chapters titled for the book that may never be published. Just because I write does not mean it will all come together in a cohesive form, you know. Then, all the people that are in it will need to give me the "go-ahead" before seeing themselves in print, you know. Can't just see themselves on a bookshelf suddenly, how RUDE! I will take the legal pads, the tape recorder, my stone books, etc tho and start working on getting some order to some stuff at least.
Will start in depth work on the colors soon... chapters not taking up too much time,and 'Great Cosmic Mother' is next book up for the Goddess Book Club but we are taking it in thirds. Giving up yoga class for Tai Chi come June. Think will take July off from volunteering at cat rescue as well. Am feeling more drawn to spending more time/energy with colors/stones/pagan ritual work and that time will have to come from somewhere...
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