Well, my co-worker and I were talking on Monday about about our weekends and the people in them, and about how particular themes seem to "pop up" over and over. I mentioned how a particular friend brings up themes for me to delve into. For instance, Sunday evening was 'Control' and inspired the opening chapter of a piece I have titled "Short Story Long." Tuesday was ' Games.' Sadly, I do not think my phone-flinging friend reads my blog, so I don't think there is an awarness of the inspiration I am given as a benefit of our friendship. After hanging up last night - whilst in HEB, no less - a kind soul took pity on my cell phone as I looked at it with a mixture of (I am sure) confusion, anger, awe and utter disbelief & removed it from my possession, placing it on top of my bag of cat chow. Must have had that look on my face again.... Last time I just hurled it across the room. Poor SpiritWalker had to 1) duck, then 2) reinstall the battery. So... stay tuned.... I know that there is a purpose to everything. I have been where my friend is now but I wont go back there to do battle... this one will have to learn to face me on a far scarier terrain...
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