Well...so far so good...adapting to seeing someone after a long time of "flying solo". It has been noted that I tend to be a bit set in my ways around particular things, like my art space and my bathroom, and having things "picked up". It was also noted that I am flexible about my schedule, my time, meals, and generally everything else. :-) As far as the art space goes...yes...it IS organized to a degree... but I like being able to know where something is when I am in the mood to create with THAT item (I have SO many different mediums). And if you've seen the "chaos" that masquerades as "art" you understand. The bathroom? Well, even my son and I have not shared that particular space for any great length of time. I've had my own for ages. For those of you not already aware, I shower in the dark. I know where my shampoo, my soap, my toothpaste, my facial scrub, all my other "stuff" is when I reach for it. I LIKE it that way. I have cat food dishes in my bathroom, and my closet is accessed from my bathroom. Cozy. I like things picked up out of the floor because if the cats DON'T pick it up and carry it off to choke on it later (or puke it up and leave it as a treat for me later) I will trip over it and break a toe!. :-)
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