other than a migraine....

>>>Well, Saturday started off well enough...but then I got a migraine around 11am... and I could not take my pain meds because I was scheduled to donate blood @ 12:15pm. :-( But I got all that done and made it home, finally. Took meds @ 2pm, woke up around 9pm (mostly) pain free, so I reheated some dinner and watched "The Aviator". Good movie, I thought. Then back to bed 12:30-10:30am and awoke feeling whole again.
>>>My mom sent me some nifty papers so I made greeting cards and drank my coffee for a couple of hours. Got 25+ made. I leave them blank inside so I can fill them out as needed. Pam says I should package them in groups of 6-8 for and sell the sets for $5 each.
>>>Weds is the monthly Pagan Meetup dinner... Mom also sent new outfit so I think I will debut it for that. Like I need an excuse to dress up? LOL. And Jayce over tonight to work on his FAFSA for sophomore year at college.
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