Almost time for Boise!!

Well, E-filed on 2/10, refund due in my bank (they SAY) on 2/24, whilst I am in Idaho!! Same drill as the year we met in Vancouver...LOL. Nothing like leaving it right to the wire!!

Read a book called "The Moon Under Her Feet" for my Goddess book group. Wow. I cried for the last several chapters...stayed up until I finished, sometime around 11pm!! Abigale kept stretching and yawning, wondering why we were not in bed yet. Next (not on reading list but still of interest to me) is the "Celestine Prophecy" that Aust suggested I read.

Tonight I will pack for the 5 days I'll be in Boise, and maybe go pick up some airplane munchies. Got dishes and laundry done last night, tidied up, made a list of tasks for the housesitter... gotta make sure cats get spoiled whilst I am away...not to mention Lizzie! I will miss them, but will be good to see my gal posse again. It is all working out just smooth as silk...Celica needs some front end/sterring/suspension work done, so will leave it with shop & catch a ride to airport tomorrow morning, let them have until my return. That way, I am not out a set of wheels. :-) It comes together as it is meant to!! I am so excited!!
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