damn... 15 days later

I tell you, I need to calendar a reminder or something.... only so much time in my day, and it seems to get taken up with work, errands, chores, friends, art, cats, son... LOL... so I guess I am really not complaining...those are all the things that make my life worth living. I have yet to D/L Lizzie's pictures from the camera. I did sign up for a new artist's book... "Tree of Life". I think 35 or so artists will be doing pages for this one... I have my page started but could not get scanner @ home to work the night I tried uploading it to work on it. Has to be to publisher by March 3rd so I had best get my butt into gear!

Oh, blast from the past!! I am on this Classmates site for Bandera High School, Class of '85. Well, dated Huggy, a football player from Class of '83... and he is now working in New Braunfels and his 2 sons are going to ... you guessed it... Bandera ISD! What a small world. Nice to hear from him... fond memories and all that.

A trip to Mom's is planned for Jan 31st...next Tuesday. Don't think I have gone back home since just before Christmas... and I still have their xmas goodies to deliver. Sigh. Wish she were closer, that gas were cheaper, that I had mnore free time... and on and on and on. If wishes were horses, I guess.

Joined a "Book Goddesses" club...will be meeting 2nd Sunday monthly @ BookWoman (12th & Lamar in Austin) at 1pm. February's selection is "Mists of Avalon"... a best-selling 876 page book by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is one of those rare, spell binding novels in which myth comes to life. It is about the Arthurian legend, except told from the women's viewpoint. TNT made a movie of it, 3 hours long. Am really looking forward to the book club, never done anything of this sort before.
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