Jayce and I made it to the annual Johnson Family dinner 12/17... my ex was the 7th (of 7) children, and my son was the 16th grandchild... you can imagine the # of ppl present! Jayce was feeling a bit on the ill side so we did not stay overly long. He was puking all morning, not a good way to go to a meal, ya know. On the way home, got rest of holiday gift plans done (Dave was a toughie) and found a few items for myself & some Tom Clancy novels for Jayce. Woke up w/a migraine. Then I found last night's beta blocker this morning, so took Rx and pain meds @ 10:30am this morning. Counted pain meds... 4 left, but I visit my nuerologist Tues so will ask for "samples"...damn things cost me $18 apiece! Welcome to the world of no health insurance...sigh. Got purse #4 finished last week. A cutie, I tell ya! Rhonda suggested I post pics of them, so will do that when I am home & reunited w/digicam.
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