wow...4 weeks later

I see that trying to keep up with this is a bit farfetched... a lot has happened in 4 weeks. I have seen my mom, and been to my brother's. Work is picking up, getting rolling. Wove a test purse, tiny little thing...sound concept tho. Still working out some of the kinks but moved on to a bigger one on a 2'x1' board. Borrowed sewing machine from Mom but broke the damn needle Sunday with only 1 side left to baste...grrrr. Listening to carols on radio now, holiday cards all made (over 30 this year!) and going out in the mail this week. Whew! Art day hosted here 11/12 was fabulous, and next one will be an all day event in Salado @ Kate's studio. Happy Dance. Saw David Carridine @ the Iron Cactus last weekend whilst Eliz & I were perusing the Victorian Christmas on 6th Street. And our annual "Johnson Holiday Dinner" is the 17th of Dec. So goes the month!
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