weekend results

Well... started off weekend helping Pam get her room taken care of... then helped Amy solve an Excel propblem... then the real fun began. :-) I had met someone recently that invited me for coffee... never a wrong option! Believe it or no, we spent TWO HOURS over coffee...OMG! Was not strained, which was nice. .. chat flowed without those "embarrassing moments" of silence. Not that I can BE silent... so says my mom. Went home Saturday night and started on another book...this one is "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown. Sunday was leisurely since son was away... slept late, cooked a good breakfast, then met w/Elizabeth to go to Austin for an area business meeting. Got that done and was home by 6pm to cook brisket and potatoes for dinner with my son! A blessed peaceful weekend... I look forward to those. Saturday the 16th is art day. Who knew I had a life after motherhood?!?!
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