and so winds down the day...

Well, it is now Saturday evening and I am in N Austin. A friend of mine has some Word.doc issues, so I came up after the "Art Day" to lend some support. Art Day was great!! Pam was there, and Elizabeth, and Gayle, and Rhonda (of COURSE, it is HER house!!). A newbie braved I35 and came as well... I believe her name was Ava. Really interresting (and funny) lady. I worked on some of my mandalas for Rhonda's6/6 swap that the due date is looming for, as well as some polymer clay embellishments for the "Create With Clay" swap I am hosting on ATC World (see link to left). My son used his college fund to purchase a set of golf clubs today... that is okay, it is not up to me at this point, he IS 18, after all. Just means he'll have to start working more in order to pay for his second semester. I had set aside enough for his Freshman year @ Texas State, but if he insists on spending it on other things, he'll have to fund the rest of his Freshman year himself. Sigh... kids... all that time, energy, money... and look what happens. Ah well.
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