And so starts my weekend

Went to see 'Mr & Mrs Smith' last night w/Jayce.. great movie... laughed out loud in several places. And before that, I learned how to fold origami cranes! That was really neat. Now working on cards (greeting) that are 2D when you close them. Some nifty things in the world you can learn, if you just go looking! Making a stop at Michael's after work for more paper.

I have been at work now since 8am... phone has rung 3 times, had 1 walk in customer, and I have caught up on my swap listings (both as a player & as a host). Now on to my 2nd cup of coffee! A group of local artists has an ART DAY the 3rd Saturday monthly, so I will go there from here. Which is nice, because I brought the stuff I want to work on later, and am playing with it now! They PAY me for you imagine? Of course, it did require getting to bed at a reasonable hour, getting up & dressed, and staying here for 4 hours... and I do manage to get filing caught up, loose ends tied off, etc. All in all, a very workable schedule for me. If i were at home, I'd be bored anyways!
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